Lair of the Vermin lord

The beginning

An unlikely party of two: a Saxa water elementalist and an Engro druid answer to a quest summoning all able bodied men and women to lend their strength to a mission of grave importance. It may not sound as much at first but the grain and flour they needed to transport from Aslov to Dunross and then Dalsetter meant life and death in the hard winter of Rassilon.

The party received a wagon, two horses and a map and set off with promises of payment upon arrival to Dalsetter. On the first day they were waylaid by a pair of orc archers whom they dispatched with a minor skirmish, leaving the engro wounded. Once healed and looted they set off once more. Then they came upon a waystation, a towrr on the road. A grisly scene was found waiting: strewn across the second floor were the gnawed bones of previous travelers- a party of merchants and their guards. Not much else was found but hundreds of small pawprints in the frozen blood. Gaining a number of swords to be sold later, they pushed on the next day. On their way they found the copse of a messenger and the carcass of a horse. Putting two and two together they deduced the strange loot from the orcs (an elegant dagger and riding boots) came from this unfortunate man.

A letter pleading for men and medicine from the mayor of Dunross was found on the man. It was late afternoon when they reached Dunross. As guards barred their way and informed them that the settlement was under quarantine due to to an increase in rats and disease they persuaded and bribed their way in…


HeitiK HeitiK

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